Continuing Professional Education

Professional Plus members (that hold health fund registration) with Massage Australia (MA) have an obligation to maintain Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements. CPE requirements, maintain the professional standards required by both private health insurers and professional organisation’s in the industry. 

CPE requirements are set to encourage continued learning for the professional growth as a massage practitioner. By completing the ongoing education requirement (CPE’s) each year, Professional Plus members will meet their obligations for improved competency and accountability as a massage practitioner. 

New Professional Plus Members 

A CPE Diary will be completed by Massage Australia upon receiving a new application for Professional Plus membership. Once completed, Massage Australia will provide you with a CPE expiry date, which will be added to your record. It is important that your CPE expiry date remains current for you to maintain your health fund eligibility. Members can monitor their required expiry dates by logging in the members area of the website. Ongoing CPE Diaries will be completed by the member. The Massage Australia CPE Diary can be found in the members login area of the  

A new members initial CPE points will either taken from the members qualification (if completed in the lat 2 years of submitting your membership application) or from their membership to Massage Australia and current first aid certificate.