Receipt information

A receipt must be issued to a client for them to be able to claim their rebate from their health fund. The receipt must be provided to the client in English and the provider information appearing on the receipt, must be the practitioner that performed the treatment.

A receipt may be a rubber-stamped, a pre-printed receipt book, letterhead or computer generated and must include the below details:

  • name of practitioner
  • Massage Australia member number (MA1122)
  • practice street address (not PO Box)
  • practice telephone number (mobile numbers allowed)
  • ABN
  • clients name
  • date of treatment
  • type of treatment, e.g. massage therapy/ remedial massage
  • cost of treatment/s
  • provider number (a number that has been issued to you by a health fund. It will be any number that is different to the MA membership number)

Massage Australia receipt books are available to Professional and Professional Plus members and can be purchase from our Online Store.