Health Funds

Massage Australia is a ‘professional organisation’ under section 10 of the Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules 2008. This rule applies to massage practitioners seeking registration with the various funds as health fund providers. To gain eligibility members must hold membership with an accredited association such as Massage Australia.

Massage Australia members are required to hold the level of Professional Plus membership in order to be eligible as a health fund provider.

Massage Australia provides monthly listings of eligible members to the various health funds. For new registrations (new members or additional clinic locations) it may take 4-6 weeks for your details to be loaded into the health fund system and be current.

There are several health funds that do not recognise courses done substantially by distance education. Practitioners with qualifications obtained overseas are not eligible for health fund recognition.

Eligibility as a health fund provider is also subject to each individual health fund’s requirements. Each fund has a minimum level of qualification and in some case, a minimum duration of training required, in order for a member to be eligible as a provider. Therefore, all eligibility requirements must be considered for those seeking health fund registration.

If you are moving your membership from another association and you hold health fund provider registration, please include a list of health funds, current clinic location/s and provider numbers when submitting your application to Massage Australia.

Additional requirements for recognition as a provider by health funds include:

  • be a financial member. Membership renewal fee’s are required on time to avoid health fund claiming issues for your clients and or deregistration
  • hold current Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. A certificate of currency for insurance must be supplied to Massage Australia upon acquiring a new policy or renewing your policy
  • hold a current Senior Level 2 First Aid Certificate (HLTAID003 Provide First Aid ). A copy of the certificate must be provided to Massage Australia to complete or maintain your health fund registration eligibility. Supplying a late certificate may result in health fund registration complications resulting in rejected claims for your clients
  • gain required Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points demonstrating the required commitment to ongoing education and learning
  • provide Massage Australia with a current clinic location/s (The location must be a street address, as PO boxes will not be accepted).