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Issue 74

In the article ‘Not so Depressing – the tender touch’ I focus on the lack of awareness and the impact of depression on the elderly. Some of our elderly go day after day, year after year, never experiencing the touch of another human being. By illustrating the efficacy of massage therapy, I hope to convince today’s decision makers of the value of providing a simple, deep-caring and cost effective means of health care for the elderly.

Fibromyalgia syndrome has been defined as ‘a painful, but not articular condition predominantly involving muscles and the most common cause of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain’. It’s easy to understand how untreatable pain and constant fatigue can severely affect a sufferer’s quality of life. Our article, Understanding Fibromyalgia Syndrome, illustrates how the effects of massage on fibromyalgia symptoms have been examined in many studies over the years with positive results.

We’ve all had clients presenting with the dreaded ‘tension headache’. It is currently believed that the pain is muscular in origin and is related to increased resting muscle tension. In the article It’s a Headache! we learn that a survey found that 98% of responders with tension-type headache reported using analgesics.

In her fascinating and thought provoking article, Striking the Right Balance – Postural Distortion, Kate Carlisle CHMT, RN, a massage therapist of 34 years experience, describes how postural distortion is one of the many factors that contribute significantly to maintaining and perpetuating pain. She explains how the vitally important factor of skeletal asymmetry is so often disregarded and indeed, frequently, not even looked for by many health professionals.

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