The level of membership you are applying for determines the joining fee to Massage Australia. The membership is for 12 months and will be due for renewal the following from your join date.

Joining Fee’s

12-month General membership is $110 (includes an application)

12-month Professional membership is $140 (includes an application fee), and

12-month Professional Plus membership is $295 (includes an application fee) from the 1st March 2019.

Renewal Fee’s

The renewal fee for General membership is $70, Professional membership is $80 and Professional Plus membership is $110. Members are notified via email of their due date for renewal so that payment can be made on time. Members are able to renewal their membership in a number of different ways. These include payment upon invoicing or via our Online Store…Renew Now Online

Upgrade Membership Fee’s

Upgrading your membership requires the member to complete the Massage Australia Application Form. An upgrade of membership incurs the following fees:

• General to Professional membership $10

• General to Professional Plus membership $40

• Professional to Professional Plus membership $80